Happy Spring!!!

It may be 50-something degrees outside and windy, but my daughter keeps reminding me that today is the first day of Spring! She’s been looking forward to today all winter, and was hoping to wear some summer clothes today, but we compromised and she wore a short-sleeved shirt under her chapel jumper (she goes to a private Christian school). Hopefully the warmer weather will be here before too long. We had a beautiful weekend this past weekend, but that was just a teaser it seems.

For weeks, Andrea has been cranking out pictures of flowers in anticipation of Spring, and when they asked us to bring in a picture for today’s Teacher Appreciation Week gift, there was no question what she would be drawing – flowers!

These were the pictures she made for her classroom aid and the director of her preschool. For her main teacher, she wanted to draw a picture of her and her teacher… in a meadow with flowers, of course. (Her teacher often wears her hair in a bun, in case you were wondering what that was on the top of her head.) ¬†Also, do you notice the hearts in every picture? She’s definitely all girl.

Thanks for reading my blog. Time to take on the rest of my day!

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