Back from Summer Hiatus!

I wasn’t exactly planning on it, but I ended up taking a hiatus from blogging over the summer. With my daughter home from school and lots of travel, I just wasn’t able to focus on the blog (or much else) for the past couple of months. But school has started back up for us and we’ll be home for a while, so I wanted to jump right back in! My daughter started full-day Kindergarten this year. She did a half-day K4 program last year, so this year I’m finding I have a LOT more time to get things done during the day while she’s at school.

One of the things I’ll be focusing on is getting my photography business off the ground. I’ve got several photography blog posts that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks over at Kelley K Photography¬†with pictures from our summer trips and a couple of sessions for friends, so you may want to add that blog if you aren’t already. I’m taking a workshop now that I’m really excited about, so there will be a photo share from that, and I’ve got some fall sessions coming up that I’ll be sharing as well. Yay!

I also have several projects at home that are in the works for future blog posts. I’m continuing my office organization project, and tackling a few new projects, including organizing all the cleaning products, organizing our bathrooms, painting some rooms, and more.

For now, I’ll leave with you with a collage I made from my daughter’s first day of school.

first day of school 3

That’s my daughter and her best friend in the photo above, and the drawing is me dropping her off.

For the other SAHM’s out there… what projects are you planning to tackle with kids going back to school?

Thanks for reading my blog. Time to take on the rest of my day!

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