Busy weekend!

I’ve been absent for a few days, because we had a really busy weekend and everything else had to take a backseat for a few days, but I’m back in the saddle today and getting things done. Just some of what’s been going on around here…

  • I’m designing a new web site for one of my customers, who is starting up a new business. They need it done quickly, so I’ve been working on it almost daily.
  • Just over a week ago, I agreed to photograph a friend’s wedding that was being held Saturday (my first paying photography gig!). Because it was a last-minute thing and my first time photographing wedding, I had to spend a good bit of time preparing for that – getting my gear together, borrowing some extra gear from a friend, making a shot list, reading up on wedding photography, scanning through professional wedding galleries, etc. Then Saturday was spent at the wedding, and Sunday I started culling through the photos and taking a first pass at editing them.
  • My daughter was off school for Good Friday, and we had some friends coming over for a playdate and dinner at our house. Then some family stayed at our house overnight on their way home from a Spring Break trip to Florida.
  • On Easter Sunday, we went to church, then hunted eggs in the house from the Easter Bunny, and in the evening, we went next door for an Easter egg hunt and dinner with our friends in the neighborhood.

Between the wedding and several other big events lately (school field trip, a friend’s birthday, Easter, etc.), I’m way behind on editing pictures, but hope to catch back up on that in the coming weeks and start sharing more pictures here. Today I’m just trying to get caught up on the regular stuff like dishes and laundry and tidying.

Oh, and I can’t share any pics from the wedding yet, but it went very well, and I’ve decided that I do want to start doing some professional photography (children and families, though, not weddings). My mind has been spinning thinking about all I need to do to get that started. But last night, a neighbor asked me to do a Spring photo shoot of her two kids, so maybe things really will start happening on that front…

I will leave you with a belated “Happy Easter” photo from yesterday. Enjoy!


I’ve got soooo many ideas in my head for blog posts that I can hardly wait to share. I hope you’ll follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter (@kelley_today), or via RSS.  FYI: Now that Google Reader is going away, I’ve been trying out bloglovin’ and feedly and, although they aren’t quite the same as Google Reader, I can recommend both.

Thanks for reading my blog. Time to take on the rest of my day!

Shredded Chicken Tacos

As I promised yesterday, I’m sharing my recipe for Shredded Chicken Tacos. We make this once a month or two, and I freeze the leftovers so we can have it once or twice in between making it fresh. It’s super easy to thaw and re-heat for a delicious leftover meal that tastes exactly like the first time around.

Shredded Chicken Taco Meat

  1. Place 3-4 boneless chicken breasts in a crock pot. Cover with water.
  2. Add packet of taco seasoning (I always buy McCormick brand, which is labeled “no MSG”, for what it’s worth).
  3. Cook on high 3-4 hours or low for 6-8 hours, then shred chicken with forks.

Cooking/Serving Suggestions:

  • I serve the shredded chicken on soft taco shells for myself, and put it into a quesadilla for my daughter. When she was a baby, I would just serve her the shredded chicken by itself and she could eat it as a finger food. As she got a little older, I would add some shredded cheese on top.
  • Variations call for adding green peppers, onion, and/or salsa in the crock-pot, but we never do this, because we don’t like all that stuff in my tacos. Some people even substitute the salsa for the taco seasoning all together.
  • Some recommended sides are black beans (I get the low-sodium variety for my daughter), corn,  Mexican rice, and guacamole.

And a teaser for tomorrow… This afternoon, I got it in my head that I would finally tackle a project that I had been wanting to do – re-purpose a table that was not working in my office / craft room – and I did that, but that got me started on rearranging the rest of my room. Since we moved last year, my office has been a complete disaster, and it needs a lot of attention, but I’m making some headway. My husband went out with a friend tonight and I’m going to stay up late working in here and hopefully I’ll have some progress photos tomorrow and an update on this undertaking! (I’ll also share about my re-purposed table project.)

Thanks for reading my blog. Time to take on the rest of my day!

Things are happening . . .

Rough day today, but I did have some productive parts of the day, so it wasn’t all bad. And I did learn one important lesson – sign up to volunteer for school events early instead of showing up at the last minute, so I don’t get stuck watching the 3rd graders. I have a preschooler – I’m not equipped to handle 3rd grade! LOL. I also learned that I need to keep my daughter’s ballet bag packed at all times so it’s ready to go, and she doesn’t end up getting ready for ballet class with 3 pair of pink tights, but no leotard or ballet shoes. (Did I mention it was a rough day?)

On a more positive note, I was able to wash and dry a load of laundry (my goal is to do one load of laundry each day), and I kept up with washing dishes so they didn’t pile up in the sink. I also ordered some last-minute baby gifts for my sister-in-law and for a friend, both of whom are having babies soon. Then I volunteered at the school for a few hours to help with a Teacher Appreciation luncheon.

After school, I counted up the Box Tops and Labels for Education to send in with my daughter to help her class with the school competition.  That was easy since I always put them in a little Longaberger basket on my kitchen counter (similar to this one except it has a lid). It’s one of the systems I have that has worked well to keep one tiny thing in my life organized for the past few years. And dinner was easy thanks to a thawed container of shredded chicken taco meat I pulled out of the freezer this morning. It’s one of our popular dinners around here, and one of my favorite things to freeze for leftovers.

And, in more exciting news… One of the reasons I started this blog was to help motivate me to work on my photography skills with the goal to work up to possibly doing some professional photography. Well, I found a deal online for a local photography workshop and I signed up today! In June, I’ll be doing a 3-hour children’s photography workshop with a local professional photographer. I’m super excited – I just wish it were sooner! Also today, my husband offered my services to a friend/coworker who is getting married next weekend. It’s a second marriage for both the bride and groom so they weren’t going to spend the money on a wedding photographer, and were just going to have family take pictures for them, but when Paul suggested I could go to the wedding and take pictures for them, they were over the moon and agreed to pay me to take their wedding pictures! I have no interest in becoming a wedding photographer, but I’m glad to help this couple out because I know them both and would like to help them get better wedding pictures than whatever the bride’s mother would be able to snap on whatever camera she has. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I’ll share my recipe for shredded chicken tacos. For now, I’ve got to get to sleep. Thanks for reading my blog!


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